Walking through the mall you smell something! Something that awakens your senses. Something that arouses your appetite! It’s the aroma of a fresh baked pretzel dipped in a warm butter flavored topping. And that’s just where it begins! As you approach the counter you notice an array of fresh baked pretzel products.

Traditional pretzels line the warmer, either salted or non salted. Then there are all the different flavors: cinnamon sugar, garlic, ranch, parmesan, caramel crunch and iced cinnamon swirl! Just as you are over whelmed with the choices in such delicious, mouth watering pretzel varieties you notice the pretzel dog!

Hot dogs and pretzels frequently go together, but rarely this close. We take a plump delicious hot dog and roll it in tasty pretzel dough, bake it, and deliver it straight to your taste buds. You can enjoy this delicious product in a regular size or our new bite size mini pretzel dogs. Get them in multiples of 6 or 12!

If regular pretzels and pretzel dogs are not what you are craving, we are sure that you will enjoy our pretzel bites! Big flavor comes in small packages. We cut our delicious dough into the perfect bite-sized snack and then add just the right amount of salt for savory perfection. Go ahead and pop them in your mouth by the handful.

Nothing washes down the perfect pretzel like a nice cool glass of our lemonade, available in a variety of refreshing flavors. After all, hunger and thirst tend to travel in pairs. Not only do we have the BEST lemonade, we have some of the most innovative, flavor packed blended drinks you will find anywhere! Our blended drinks come in the following flavors: Power Pomegranate, Mango Madness, Strawberry Bananza, Mocha Mania and Cool Cappuccino!

Hurry down to your local Pretzelmaker and stop denying your test buds that long awaited party in your mouth!